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Fishing In Fall

June 1, 2009

As the leaves turned to a golden hue, the stream was as clear as the Colorado sky and just about perfect for fly fishing.  I look forward to this season as it signals a slowing down of the life cycle, a resting time for all things.  It certainly is a time to reunite with friends and spend some quality time in the mountains.

A good friend of mine, Todd, was headed out to fish “a secret spot” up near….well I really can’t say.  But, it was in the mountains of Colorado.  He asked me to join him, and is there any better time to bring the camera?

I was bound and determined to use off camera flash, but without an assistant it was going to be a challenge.  The river would, most definitely, topple the strobe and we all know that is not a good thing.  So, I used the extension cable for the strobe and set my camera and flash to manual.  With the camera fastened around my neck, I held the body with my right hand and elevated the strobe with my left, giving me a similar feel to off camera lighting.  The shutter was set to sinc at 250 and I worked with the aperture to expose for the sky.  It took some futsing (technical term for messing around) with, to get the flash exposure just right; but after a couple of test shots I was ready to capture this beautiful day of fishing.

At The Hangar

May 30, 2009

This last week I had the opportunity to visit my buddy Steve at his office.  It just so happens that his office is an airplane hanger that houses two pretty awesome jets.  Steve was looking for a creative corporate portrait that he could use to document the last few years of work.  So, I met him for a 7am photo shoot.  The sun was just coming over the top of the building making for great morning light.  We shot for about an hour and a half and were able to get quite a few interesting images.  Once again I was working with off camera strobes that are controlled remotely from elinchrom slaves.  The light was powerful enough to balance out the sky so that we could get nice sun flare in a series of shots.  At the end of the shoot, Steve needed to start up the vintage fighter plane and I was able to get a couple shots of that also.  In all, it was a great morning, early shoot, a chance to hear the thunderous roar of a fighter jet  and time with a buddy